The Business Case For LED Lighting In Scottsdale, AZ Keeps Getting Better!

At the LED Light show last month, there were dozens of conference seminars on the ROI of LED lighting retrofit projects in Scottsdale, AZ. Cash flow models typically cover the upfront cost of the lighting and installation, combined with the energy, HVAC and maintenance cost savings, utility rebates and tax incentives and deductions.

But one often missed benefit that resonates with property and Dallas building owners is the value of the asset! LEDs are a capital improvement for a building. New fluorescent lights are a maintenance cost.

Because an LED lighting retrofit project calls into a different place on a balance sheet, it provides a new benefit for Scottsdale Facilities Managers to highlight to CFOs and Tax Directors. For example, the owner of a parking garage owned 53 similar properties. Through major LED retrofits, the owner found a way to increase the value of those facilities through what was considered a long-term capital improvement. In the case of the single parking garage, the property value was increased by $225,000. Over their 53 properties, that increase in value stretched to almost $12 million!

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