hospital ledIt is fairly common knowledge that LED lighting presents many benefits versus it’s traditional counterparts. It’s more cost-efficient, better for the environment, lasts longer, is more durable, and more versatile. Led lighting’s benefits specifically in terms of healthcare, however, are not quite as well known. So what are these healthcare benefits? Continue reading to find out.

More Natural

LED lighting is much more natural, like what you would find if you were to go outside on any sunny day. It isn’t as harsh or glaring as incandescent or florescent lighting. This natural type of lighting is important because of light’s effect on many of our body’s natural processes. Most notably is our internal clock – the thing which tells us when we need to sleep, or wake up. This process is entirely determined by light and darkness in our natural surroundings. This is why we feel tired when the sun goes down,  and more active when the sun is up. When you’re sick and have to be in a hospital, you spend all of your time indoors. When you incorporate more natural lighting into the healing environment, this internal clock doesn’t have to be disturbed.

Improved Function

LED lights can be dimmed without altering the high-level of lighting – no flickering, no shutting off, no creepy horror-movie type glow. This is vital in healthcare environments where you may need to dim lights often, for sleeping, therapy, treatments, or any number of other reasons. What’s even better is that this constant on-and-off or dimming will not damage your LED lights. Traditional lighting can break and shatter when turned on-and-off frequently. This is not only bad for the healing environment, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. Shattered glass can be stepped on, and certain forms of traditional lighting can leak harmful toxins into the environment.


Natural light helps to create a better mood, and this is incredibly vital to your healthcare practice – whether it be a hospital or doctor’s office. You see, much like the way light can effect our body’s natural processes, it can also distinctly effect our moods. This is why people appear depressed on rainy days, or frustrated during storms. When you enable your patients to feel happier, better, and more up-beat, you are helping to take away the frustration of being sick. It has been scientifically proven that happier individuals also have better immune systems than chronically depressed or anxious people do.

General Benefits

Of course, the general benefits of LED lighting applies to it’s use in healthcare, also. You’ll save money, because you’ll have to use less energy, and replace your lights less often. LED lighting is better for the environment, contains no harmful toxins, and offers a much more versatile lighting source.


Using LED lighting in healthcare just makes sense. The only downside is that it costs more to get things set up, but you’ll earn your investment back in no time at all. The plus side? It’s better for your patients, better for you, and better for your bottom line.

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