incandescent-72139_1280Environmental conservation doesn’t typically relate to maximizing profits for most businesses. With the advent of LED-based solid state lighting (SSL), however, businesses in Scottsdale can significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emission while positively impacting their financial bottom line.

It’s no secret that LED lights cost more than traditional lighting fixtures. The good news is that their energy efficiency and zero maintenance more than cover for their upfront costs. And with LED light bulbs dropping in price by the day, SSL is becoming more of a bargain than most people originally realized.

Check out a few of the ways your business can save money and go green by investing in LED technology

  1. Durability

Unlike traditional light sources, LEDs are resistant to damage from shock since they do not come with filaments that can break or burn out. Simply put, LED bulbs are built to last.

  1. Low Heat Output

LED bulbs are known for their low operating temperatures and their ability to generate minimal heat in comparison to traditional bulbs. Low heat emission translates to additional energy savings; the bulbs reduce the workload of a property’s interior systems such as air conditioning and fans.

  1. Low Maintenance Cost

Thanks to their longevity, LED lighting units require far less replacement than other bulb types. This can significantly help your business to save on labor and material expenses.

For a business that consumes a considerable amount of energy on lighting, the cost savings through LED lights can be significant. For example, if you operate a retail store or a restaurant that is illuminated for extended periods of time, you can greatly decrease your power bill by investing in LED light bulbs.

  1. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Thanks to global warming, modern consumers are more eco-conscious than ever before. Many make their buying decisions based on a business’ reputation when it comes to environmental conservation. Additionally, investors exercise similar judgment when exploring investment opportunities. These are both issues that you can avoid by establishing yourself as a green business through the adoption of LED technology, which is known to create far less pollution on the environment.

The decision to go green with LED lighting will save your Scottsdale business money through direct energy and cost reduction, as well as through indirect opportunity costs associated with your business’ image. If you are figuring out how to cut down your operational costs as you go green, start exploring the idea of energy efficient, eco-friendly LED lighting for your business.

  1. Eligibility For Energy Subsidies

Government agencies and power authorities, as well as private organizations, offer grants or low interest loans to businesses that are committed to environmental conservation and energy conservation. Making the switch to LED lighting while such programs are in place can significantly save your business money.

  1. A Healthier Choice

LEDs aren’t harmful to the environment or to humans. Unlike CFLs, LEDs use no mercury, nor do they release toxic compounds into the air and water supply. LED bulbs also don’t emit IR or UV light, both of which have a detrimental impact on the skin.

  1. The Way Of The Future

Investing in LEDs makes your business ready for the future through intelligent building control and improved operational efficiency. Better still, you can easily merge your LED lighting with pre-existing systems designed to only use electricity when need arises. You can control the lighting through automated occupancy, daylight sensing or even through remote and software application.

The bottom line? Your Scottsdale business can go green and save money by switching to LED lighting. On average, these bulbs can last for more than a decade, consume up to 80 percent less energy than their incandescent counterparts and only emit 5% of their energy as heat. All these qualities make LED lights an excellent consideration for responsible and sustainable business operations.

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