bulb-301747_640While the CFL bulbs are not necessarily the most popular option for cutting your lighting costs, they do offer a number of benefits. The question you have to answer is whether or not they are right for your Scottsdale home or business. The best way to determine if CFLs will work for you is to learn all you can about them, which is exactly what you will find here.

Benefits of CFL Bulbs

There are quite a few benefits offered by using CFL bulbs in Scottsdale:

  • Use up to 75 percent less energy than traditional bulbs
  • Have a longevity that is about 10 times longer than traditional bulbs
  • Provide a light similar to the old-fashioned fluorescent bulbs
  • Some cost as little as $1.50
  • Will not generate too much heat

Downsides of CFL Bulbs

While there are quite a few benefits offered by CFL bulbs, there are also a number of downsides that must be considered when trying to determine if they are right for your needs, which include the following:

  • Most CFL bulbs are unable to be used with dimmer switches
  • Cheaper bulbs will burn out much more quickly
  • Most will start to dim and there are some that take a few minutes to reach their full brightness
  • They have mercury in the bulb, which may be an issue if it is broken and care is not taken during cleanup
  • They produce an electromagnetic field that is higher than other bulbs

Despite all the downsides, you will still start to save money with the CFL bulbs as soon as they are screwed in. In addition to saving money on the operation of the CFL bulbs, you will also save since you do not have to purchase them for replacement as often. This is extremely important for larger, commercial facilities, since the cost of the labor that is needed to replace bulbs frequently can be quite high.

Tips for Purchasing CFL Bulbs

When you go to the store to purchase CFL bulbs, it will be printed on the package how many watts is present. For example, a CFL bulb that is 15 watts will likely say something such as “equivalent to 60 watts.” This is essential, since most people would believe that 15 watts is not nearly enough light.

Also, while CFL bulbs will usually last for several years, if you purchase the cheap kind, you may find that they actually burn out quite quickly. This is why it is important to purchase CFLs with the energy-star rating, or the ones that are offered with a five year, or more, warranty.

Taking some time to become educated about a product – any product – can help you make an educated decision and this includes when you are ready to purchase CFL bulbs. With the information here you can discover the pros and cons of these bulbs and easily determine if they are the right option for you. Chances are when it comes to savings and longevity, you will see the benefits they have to offer.

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