chair-802098_640There are more and more companies making the move to LED lighting.

This has made many people wonder why. After all, what do LED lights offer that traditional incandescent lights don’t?

To begin with, LED lighting offers an extremely high ROI, especially when the federal and state financial incentives offered by utility companies in Scottsdale are taken into consideration. Additionally, when it comes to business use, there is quite a bit of time and effort that can be completely eliminated when bulbs are changed to LED’s, since they last nearly three times what traditional incandescent bulbs do.

With the light failure rate for LED’s being at below one percent over a five year period, more and more big, national companies are making the switch. While this may seem to be an insignificant switch, the fact is it can make a huge impact on the total electrical costs companies incur.

However, money savings are not the only incentives offered by LED bulbs. In fact, companies that have switched to LEDs have reported an improvement in employee efficiencies, increased customer satisfaction and a better reputation due to the environmentally friendly LED bulbs.

It is estimated that as the price of LED bulbs continue to fall, more companies will adopt the technology. In fact, by 2020 up to 36 percent of all lighting sales will be LED bulbs and by 2030 the number will be 74 percent.

In the next 20 years, the conversion to LED bulbs will likely save the United States up to $120 billion in total energy costs and reduce the use of electricity by as much as 25 percent while eliminating up to 246 metric tons of carbon emissions.

However, LED lighting is not just for inside lighting needs. In fact, it is also growing in sales for outdoor fixtures, such as the ones found in use over roads, parking lots and other outdoor venues. Between the years of 2014 to 2023 the use of LED lighting is expected to triple from its current usage.

While this statistic applies to the entire world, it is felt in Scottsdale. LED lighting options use approximately 25 percent of the total wattage that is consumed by traditional, fluorescent lighting fixtures. The bulbs are also rated for between 50,000 and 100,000 hours of use. With the technology continuing to improve, more and more governments and companies are also making the switch to LED in order to lower their own utility costs.

When it comes to effectiveness in terms of light, LED bulbs are also the clear winner. They produce more light, last longer and cost less to operate. This is the trifecta that has made this type of bulb appealing to all types of businesses and organizations in Scottsdale.

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