chainlink-690238_640Thanks to the advances offered by security lighting, it is easier than ever to protect your property in Scottsdale from would-be intruders. This also means you are offering better protection for your customers. Lighting is multi-functional – it can be used to attract customers and to keep intruders away.

The key to this effectiveness is finding the right security lighting for your commercial property.

The Brightest Security Lights are Not Necessarily the Best

When you think of security lighting, you likely begin to think of the high powered fixtures that will scare away or blind anyone who may be thinking of trespassing or breaking into your property. This is referred to as the ‘shock and awe’ affect. However, the latest technology offered by security lighting has actually proven it is not actually the bulb’s power, or the light’s brightness, but the placement of the security lighting that makes it either effective, or completely ineffective.

Quality and effective security lighting will offer security, effectiveness and energy savings.

Quality Security Lighting will Deter Intruders while Protecting Visitors

The fact is, when placed properly, any type of lighting will help to protect the exterior of your building and aid in preventing an intruder. However, since most business owners in Scottsdale also want to ensure the visiting experience to their location is pleasant for patrons, placing floodlights that simply blink everyone in the area is not a sufficient option.

While this will keep intruders away, it will also likely annoy anyone who may be passing by with no type of suspicious intensions. When you begin to set up your parking lot lights, building lights, landscape lights and flood lights around any commercial building, it is essential to consider the light’s placement, rather than the lights power. This is why LED lighting is such a smart option. The light is bright, without being too bright but extremely effective in creating a secure property.

Finding Commercial Security Lighting for Scottsdale

Not all lighting is created equally. If you want to ensure your commercial property is safe, you have to consider all the options that are available. Whirl incandescent bulbs may be the more affordable option initially, they will cost more than LED bulbs in the long-term. This is because LED bulbs last longer and use less electricity to run.

Remember, an essential element of finding the right security lighting for your business is finding a company that understands the various lighting requirements and what will best suit your business needs. Every business is different, therefore finding a company that will help to customize the lighting plan is extremely beneficial. Taking the time to find a quality company in order to have confidence you have made the right choice.

More information can be found by visiting The professionals here understand modern lighting needs and can help to steer business owners in the right direction regarding what type of security lighting to install for their business. For more information, visit the website, or call the Energy Efficiency Pros at (480) 585-9161 today.

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