bulbssFinding new, innovative ways to pinch pennies seems to be the order of the day for many home and business owners in Scottsdale. With this heightened interest in saving money, many people are looking within their homes and businesses to find cost cutting options. One way many people are successfully trimming costs is by swapping out their traditional halogen bulbs with LED lights.

LED bulbs, which stand for light-emitting diodes, are a type of semiconductor that makes the old-fashioned bulbs (incandescent bulbs) and even the so-called energy savers (compact fluorescent bulbs) look very inefficient. For example, the typical 35 watt halogen LED will only use four watts of energy, which is considerably less than the 10 watts used by a CFL to produce the same level of light. LEDs also offer an ‘instant on’ feature and don’t need any time to warm up like some of halogen and CFL replacements do.

Understanding the Cost of LED Bulbs

With prices that are as much as six times what traditional CFL bulbs cost, some people cannot seem to wrap their heads around the potential savings offered by LED bulbs in the long run, especially if they are trying to save money right now.

However, as electricity costs increase steadily and the cost of LED bulbs falls, it is starting to make more financial sense for those who are trying to tighten their purse strings. And since less energy is used per bulb, the potential to save is great.

Hesitations in Making the Switch to LED

When LED bulbs were first introduced, people were hesitant to make the change.  The primary reason was because LED lighting was weak and cold. In fact, the earliest generations of LED bulbs were often criticized due to their cold color temperatures – and the fact that they produced more of blue white hue than a warm yellow one. The latest bulbs have been manufactured to match the traditional color of the halogen bulbs. If you want to ensure the light matches the traditional halogens, it is a good idea to look for bulbs labeled with 2700k.

Perhaps the biggest hesitation for many people who are contemplating switching to LEDs is the large initial cost of these bulbs. After all, how can something that costs six times more than traditional bulbs actually save money in the long run? The fact is that with the integration of these bulbs into your home or business, you can see the money-saving benefits they offer in as little as 15 months. In many cases, especially for larger homes or businesses, the money saving benefits will be seen even sooner.

Cost Savings You Can See

When the initial investment is made, while significant, business owners and homeowners can expect to continue reaping the benefits for many years down the road since LED’s don’t have to be replaced nearly as often as their traditional counterparts.  LED bulbs sold in Scottsdale are advertised to have a lifetime of as much as 10,000 hours – or more – compared to the 1,000 hour life of the hotter running, traditional halogen bulbs.

For smaller homes, it may take longer to see the cost savings, but once they kick in, they will continue indefinitely. Over time, the savings will be significant, especially if all the bulbs in your Scottsdale home or business are changed.

If you are ready to learn more about the cost savings and benefits provided by LED bulbs, contact EEPros today! We can help you calculate the potential savings you’ll soon be seeing.

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