house-753270_640The Internet of Things (IoT) hasn’t just made security systems and HVAC thermostats ‘smarter,’ it’s also permeated the world of home lighting, integrating once ordinary light bulbs with smart features like wireless connectivity, multiple color production, and dimming controls among many others.

Naturally, there are many smart LEDs on the market promising these features and more, but which lighting systems are worth installing in your Scottsdale home? In this guide, we list down the 5 most popular options to help you decide.

Philips Hue

The Philips Hue is a smart lighting kit with features found in all smart LED systems. The key difference, however, is that the Hue does them really well and offers topnotch construction to boot. You can change the color and brightness of each bulb, mimic the exact colors in images, automate when your lights switch on and off, and use IFTTT recipes to add custom features. The Hue is also one of the first smart LED systems to hit the market, and is sold in almost every Apple Store across the world.

Belkin WeMo

Although it boasts of a decent array of features, the Belkin WeMo’s real claim-to-fame is its affordable price tag. The starter set is noticeably cheaper than the Philips Hue, which makes it an ideal choice for Scottsdale homeowners who are new to smart LED bulbs and aren’t eager to spend hundreds of dollars on products they’re not familiar with.

Like the Hue, you also get wireless connectivity, IFTTT compatibility, and dimming controls. Belkin also offers a wide range of automation solutions under the WeMo line, allowing you to expand your home’s smart features from lighting, to home security, heating, and even coffee making.

MiiPow Playbulb

This affordable smart bulb works fine on its own and doesn’t require the control hub needed by other smart lighting systems. The MiiPow Playbulb also comes at an attractive price point, which might be enough to make you forget about its mobile app that many users have found to be a little laggy for their liking.

Sony LED Light Bulb with Speaker

As the name suggests, the Sony LED Light Bulb with Speaker doesn’t just produce light, it also doubles as a speaker. It may seem gimmicky, but you’ll soon appreciate being able to take a shower and listen to music without having to bring your phone and risk it getting wet.

With an output of 360 lumens, this smart LED bulb from Sony is bright enough for general lighting applications. You can control the bulb’s brightness via Bluetooth and adjust the volume of your music through the SongPal app.

Elgato Avea

The Elgato Avea is marketed for its ability to “transform your home with beautiful dynamic light moods.” This smart LED bulb can be programmed to produce dynamic color schemes, with presets specifically designed to evoke a natural and serene atmosphere.

The Elgato Avea can also be programmed to function as a ‘light alarm,’ emitting a ‘wake-up light’ paired with soft music. And because this smart bulb is controlled through Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi, you don’t need to purchase a separate hub or link it to a wireless network to have full functionality.

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