So, you’ve finally decided to upgrade your Scottsdale home lighting to LEDs. The next challenge is figuring out which rooms to prioritize in your retrofit. If you’re not keen on spending hundreds of dollars replacing all of your home’s light bulbs to LEDs, then you have to figure out how and where to distribute your new lighting solutions.

The good news is that any room can benefit from the energy efficiency and high-quality lighting of LEDs. From your living room, kitchen, and porch, to your bathroom, bedroom, and hallways, any room is fair game for LED lighting.

Still, some considerations have to be made when lighting different rooms of your Scottsdale home. In this guide, we go over the best rooms for LED lighting, along with a few tips on how to illuminate each room properly with your new LEDs in the most flattering way possible.


If you’re someone who spends a lot of time preparing home cooked meals, it only makes sense to start with the kitchen. With kitchens, the most important factor to remember is providing enough light for you to see what you’re doing, whether it’s peeling and chopping tomatoes, frying teaks on a skillet, or carving and cutting pieces of meat.

Your entire kitchen should be lit by a few wide-angle LEDs distributed in such a way that generates an even glow on your entire kitchen floor. Next, add a layer of task lights, with the LEDs directed on working stations like the stove, counter, or kitchen island.

You can then add smaller LEDs—such as LED strips—to illuminate tight spaces like drawers and under cabinets.

Living Room

The living room or den is another no-brainer. If your family naturally spends the most time in the living room, you want to use your LED lighting to make their stay as pleasant as possible.

The best way to install your LEDs would be as ambient lights. Rather than place a powerful but harsh LED in the center of your room, distribute your LEDs strategically and make sure to diffuse each bulb to eliminate glare. Indirect lighting is always easier on the eyes than direct lighting, so consider hiding lights in ceilings—although this may require the services of a lighting designer.

You can also combine floor lamps and desk lamps, as well as recessed lights aimed at the walls or on interesting focal points, like the mantle, a painting, or photographs.

Dining Area

Again, you don’t want harsh light in your dining room—use LEDs as indirect ambient lighting. You can also consider adding a chandelier (powered by LEDs of course), which serves as both a decorative piece and as a way to light your dining room’s focal point—the table.

Positioning a chandelier is a little tricky, but if you follow this guide on how to hang a chandelier at the perfect height relative to your table, you should be fine.


Soft lighting is the way to go with bathrooms, so pick low-lumen LEDs for your bathroom ambient lighting (think moody lighting as you soak in the tub after a long day of work). However, you also want enough light to see yourself in the mirror when shaving or applying makeup and for those quick showers in the morning.

This is where task lights come in. Your mirror is naturally a key focal point in your bathroom, so be sure to install LEDs on either side and at the top. This combination will ensure an even glow of light is cast on your face, eliminating any unflattering shadows.

Follow these tips and you should hit the ground running with your LED lighting retrofit.

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