Halloween is one of the most fun and wacky times of the year. It’s that one night when dressing up in costumes is encouraged, and kids dressed as ghouls, monsters or superheroes roam the streets looking for candy. It’s that spooktacular time when the best scares also deliver the biggest laughs.

Although not a federal holiday, Halloween is just as beloved a tradition as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, so much so that people don’t mind spending a little extra time, money, and effort to get into the spirit. Halloween decorations are one of the best ways join in on the fun. Although many people just place a few jack-o’-lanterns and skeleton cutouts here and there, you can take things up a notch by using LED lights to add a spooky look to your Scottsdale home.

Keep reading to get some fun ideas…

Glowing Jack-o’-Lanterns

Jack-o’-lanterns are traditionally lit using candles, but this can turn them into a fire hazard. A safer way to get the same glowing jack-o-lantern effect is to place a battery-powered LED light inside your hollowed-out pumpkin. These tiny LEDs generate a bright glow for their size yet barely give off any heat while doing so.

Another benefit to using compact LEDs is that some of them actually allow you to change their colors, letting you create different lighting effects with your Halloween pumpkins.

Creepy Candles

Lighting candles in your home on Halloween might give off the perfect creepy vibe you’re looking for, but having to babysit your candles all night will only take the fun out of the holiday.

Again, the safer and more convenient option is to use LED tea lights that have a flickering feature. You can make a cluster of candles by rolling and taping construction paper into cylinders and gluing an LED tea light to the top end. Use nylon strings to hang them from the ceiling to have floating candles lighting up your home on Halloween night.

Glowing Eyeballs

Take a pack of ping pong balls, draw an eyeball on each one, and carve out a hole large enough to fit the tiny LEDs on string lights. Hang them around your house, perhaps on your porch or front door, to create a glowing eyeball effect. You can also use them for your Halloween party’s lights to show your dark sense of humor.

Sinister Pathway Lights

As the kids run off and have fun trick or treating, placing a few lights on the path leading to your front door is never a bad idea. It helps keep them safe and you get to show off your creative side while you’re at it.

Just place your battery-powered LED lights in a container that fits the Halloween theme—it can be a plastic pumpkin, a paper bag cutout of a ghost, or even a simple mason jar with spider webs. Place them along the pathway leading to your home, which will let the kids see where they’re going inside their costumes. Bonus points if your lights emit a red or green glow.

Whether you go all out on your Halloween decorations or just want to add a few spooky touches to your doorstep, these LED lighting ideas are a creative way to have fun this Halloween.

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