Thanksgiving is upon us, which means that almost everyone is busy preparing for family reunions and dinners. Although the highlight of Thanksgiving is the precious time you’ll be spending with your family and friends over a spread of great food, you can make the festivities more memorable by adding a little something extra to your usual holiday décor.

This is where interior lighting design comes in. Listed below are 5 LED lighting ideas you can use to jazz up your Thanksgiving get together in your Scottsdale home.

When in Doubt, Go Classic

Want to get that vintage look in your living spaces? LED filament bulbs, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes, are the perfect solution. Featuring the elegant and classic appeal of Edison-style light bulbs, LED filament bulbs generate the familiar yellow glow we’ve come to associate with incandescent light bulbs, but without the high heat and inefficiency. They’re great for wall sconces, bathroom vanity lights, chandeliers, and other ceiling fixtures.  

Light Up Your Cabinets

Place lights under your kitchen cabinets and cupboards, which, aside from giving your cabinetry a cool glow, will help you and your family see what you’re doing in the kitchen, arguably the base of command in the hours leading up to a Thanksgiving dinner.

LED strip lights are ideal for the job as their slim and flexible profile makes them perfect for under-cabinet lighting. Make sure you choose LED strips with a high CRI rating, which means they generate a lighting quality that accurately shows the true color of objects.

Vamp Up Your Chandelier

If you have chandeliers or hanging light fixtures, add some spice to them by installing new LED light bulbs. For starters, you can give your fixtures a classic candelabra look with LED filament bulbs.

You can also install color-changing LEDs to create different moods in the spaces where people gather. As you entertain guests before dinner, you can switch your lights to a bright yellow-white glow to create a bright atmosphere. And after dinner, as everyone settles down for a glass of wine or two, switch your lights to a warmer yellow hue.

Use Dimming LEDs

Dimmability is one of the main benefits of LED light bulbs, allowing you to brighten and dim your lights to your desired brightness without having to install a dimmer or tinker with your electrical system. And like color, tweaking your lighting brightness lets you create different moods according to your desired ambiance. You can even pair your dimmable LEDs with sensors that can match the beat of your music, creating cool light shows for your guests.

Light Up Your Decorations

When preparing a Thanksgiving table spread, most people will add decorative touches like napkin rings and a gorgeous table centerpiece. You can take things up a notch by using LED candles or tea lights, which you can place inside or around your table centerpiece, giving your table an ethereal glow. Waterproof LED vase lights and color-changing LEDs also give a wonderful pop of color to your table.

Follow these LED lighting tips to brighten up your holidays and add some excitement to your usual family gatherings and dinners.

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