electricity consumptionAs energy costs continue to rise around the world, more Scottsdale homeowners are doing everything they can to cut back on their electricity consumption by using energy-efficient appliances and electronic devices. Lighting is one such area that has seen huge improvements in energy efficiency, with newer LED light bulbs using up to 90 percent less electricity than their incandescent counterparts.

If you’re a fan of the color and appearance of the classic light bulb, the good news is that many LED bulbs come with the same clear glass envelope of incandescent bulbs and generate the same signature warm white glow you know and love.

Aside from switching to LED bulbs, it also helps to use your lights in an energy efficient manner. Here are 5 ways to do just that.

Reduce Your TV’s Brightness and Add a Lamp

Your TV can consume a lot of power when set on full brightness. A simple way to fix this is by placing a lamp close to the TV, which adds light and eliminates the need to turn your TV’s brightness all the way up. Just make sure your light fixture is shaded and positioned in a way that doesn’t create reflections on the TV screen.

Add Drama with Clear LEDs

We go to great lengths to ensure our home looks beautiful inside and out, using the right combinations of furniture, paint, and décor to bring out the best in our living spaces. But what about your lighting? Clear bulbs on decorative light fixtures like glass or crystal chandeliers can add sparkle to an area and even enhance decorative details. Many energy-efficient bulbs, like LEDs, have clear envelopes that will work well with these decorative light fixtures.

Mind the Height of Your Lighting

Task lights such as reading lights need to be placed at the correct height so you don’t have to set them at the brightest setting. The light needs to be placed high enough that it doesn’t bother you when going about your daily routine, but low enough to illuminate the area properly. The shade should be at eye level to avoid glare.

Highlight Focal Pieces with Light Strips

Light strips not only work as task lights, but when positioned strategically, they can also highlight focal pieces such as furniture and art. These fixtures add light to a space and can even be used as mood lighting.

The flexible profile of light strips can also add much-needed color and light to dark corners and areas, including the working spaces under cabinets, as well as inside drawers and closets. LED light strips are very easy to install and can be purchased by meter, so you can buy them according to the kind of space you have available.

Light Up Your Mirrors

Instead of placing multiple light bulbs in your vanity area, place four high-lumen LED bulbs on all sides of your mirror. This will eliminate shadows on your face, which is useful when applying makeup or shaving. Now, you won’t have to turn on all of your bathroom lights when looking at yourself in the mirror.

A few adjustments and changes to your home lighting can make a big difference in your electricity consumption. Last but not least, don’t forget to switch off your lights when they’re not in use. This is still the best power saving tip for your home lighting.

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