Since the foyer is often the first place people step into when they enter the home, it’s only natural to want to wow your guests there. Savvy homeowners in Scottsdale typically decorate this part of the house with colorful and interesting details like mirrors, artwork, and other decorative pieces. But if you really want to make a good first impression, you need to get the lighting right.  Here’s how to do so successfully.

1. Start from the Top – and Work Your Way Down

When choosing foyer lights, start from the top and work your way down.

For starters, you can look for a great light fixture to hang from the ceiling. You can also add recessed lighting to make the space brighter and add to your ambient (i.e. general) lighting. Then, match lamps and wall sconces with your main light source. Place them on either side of the foyer for extra light and sparkle.

Starting with the main lighting fixture of the foyer make it easier to choose fixtures you need to layer your lights in the foyer.

2. Go All Out

If you really want to wow guests, don’t be afraid to go all out with your foyer lights. Think grand style statements like a large chandelier or an oversized single light fixture.

Choose something that will draw attention or serve as a centerpiece for the area. Aside from the size of the fixture, you can also play around with colors. For example, you can consider getting fixtures with a two-toned finish, which have become popular recently due to the ease of matching them with other lights in the house.

3. Work with the View

If you have a window above the front door, position your foyer light at the center of the window so it can also be seen from the outside of the house. This can add to the home’s curb appeal, especially at night when you turn on the foyer lights. The light also gives the guest a little sneak peek of your foyer’s interior design. If you’re using stained-glass panels for your window, the light from the fixture can give it a beautiful glow.

4. Keep Ceiling Height in Mind

Some newer homes have foyers with lower ceilings or one-story foyers. If this describes your home, you’ll have to consider the limited ceiling space you’re working with. The best options here are oversized, semi-flush light fixtures that are paired with linear accent lights. These lights add a touch of elegance to the foyer without sacrificing too much headroom.

5. Use Accent Lights to Open Things Up

Bigger foyers that open up to other rooms like the living room will do great with accent lighting that can highlight architectural details like the alcove or tray ceiling. Lamps are a great choice to place in and around the area on tables and shelves while recessed lighting work well in the ceiling.

Create a warm and inviting foyer with these lighting tips and make sure you wow guests as you welcome them to your home.

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