Despite the wide range of options for commercial lighting, recessed lights continue to be the most common and versatile type of light fixture out there, and for good reason. Recessed lights are flexible and can be used in all kinds of commercial lighting applications, from general lighting, ambient lighting, to task lighting.

If you don’t know what to look for when choosing recessed light fixtures for your commercial space in Scottsdale, below are some simple tips to keep in mind to help you make the most of your choice.

Decide Between Can or Tube Fixtures

A recessed light refers to any type of light fixture placed within the ceiling for a streamlined edge with clean lines. Recessed basically denotes how the light fixture is mounted.

While most people think of recessed lighting as circular can lights, they can also come in longer fixtures to accommodate compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or LED tube lights. Tube lights are better for a commercial space that needs more light. In contrast, can fixtures, with their lower light output, are ideal for task and ambience lighting.

You can use tube lights in the stock room or pantry and can fixtures above a desk or work surface.


Recessed light sizes range from small, which are ideal for workstations, to large fixtures, which can be used to light up a board room or office space. Basically, smaller recessed lights are great for task and ambient lighting while larger fixtures are ideal for general lighting in large spaces.

Installation Effort

Always consider the amount of work needed to install recessed lights. In addition, consider the fact that you may need to do a little remodeling on your ceiling if you want to install recessed lights. Also, consider the amount of work that goes into wiring these fixtures to your existing electrical system. You may need multiple wiring knockouts to support each fixture.

Light Bulb Type

With recessed light fixtures, there’s a wide array of light bulbs to choose from.

Compact fluorescents and LEDs are the smartest choice for commercial lighting. These are more efficient than standard incandescent lights and can help you reduce costs on maintenance and power. However, LEDs are by far the most energy efficient and durable commercial lighting solution.

 Commercial-Grade Materials

Save money and time by investing in high-quality recessed lights specifically designed for commercial environments. These options are usually a bit more expensive than regular light fixtures, but they’re also built to last and withstand the demands of commercial lighting. That includes longer periods of use, constant switching on and off, and vibrations and extreme temperatures (as in the case in industrial facilities). Choose high-quality light bulbs and fixtures made from steel, aluminum, or some other material that’s made with a strong metal frame that supports the overall fixture.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing recessed lights for your office, shop, or operations area to give your employees and customers a well-lit space to work, shop, or relax in.

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