Apart from improving the aesthetic appeal of your workplace, effective lighting, or lighting that’s focused on human needs, is an important safety feature in any work environment. Poor lighting can represent a significant cost to  businesses, resulting in time off work caused by accidents and injuries. Think of common accidents like falls, slips, trips, and human error when operating machinery due to dim lighting.

The problem often comes from the type of light use. For example, many industrial facilities still use high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs to illuminate their space. These give off an orange glow, have low-quality light, and have short lifespans. They are also a potential health hazard because of the mercury in them, which is released into the air during a breakage.

In recent years, new alternatives have entered the commercial lighting market in Scottsdale. The most exciting are LED bulbs, which boast outstanding energy efficiency, using up to 90 percent less energy than conventional lighting solutions, like halogen lamps.

LEDs also offer superior lighting output, making them an ideal solution when it comes to improving your workplace safety. Keep reading to find out how.

Better Color Rendering

The CRI or color rendering index tells you how true a color appear under a light source. Basically, how red red objects are, how blue blue objects are, and so forth. The higher a bulb’s CRI rating, the better colors appear under its light.

A common HPS lamp has an average rating of less than 30, resulting in colors appearing washed out by an orange glow. In contrast, an LED light bulb usually has a CRI rating of 70 or higher. This has a number of implications.

For starters, not only will an LED make things look better, it will also allow details to appear more clearly—an important element when working on machinery and equipment.

Boost Alertness

Drowsiness and fatigue are major contributors to workplace accidents and injuries. Multiple studies have shown that a space that is well lit helps minimize drowsiness and fatigue. Not only that, a bright workplace also helps improve mood, making staff feel better while they are working.

LEDs come in a variety of brightness levels and color temperatures, allowing managers to be creative in creating office lighting setups. Remember, it’s not just about brightness, but also about providing a variety of lighting options that include ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Instant-On Technology

Another problem with conventional bulbs is that they take time to warm up and give off their full light output. Compact fluorescent lights, for example, often flicker as they slowly become brighter, which can take several seconds. During this time, visibility becomes limited and accidents can occur.

In contrast, LEDs do not need a warm up time, generating their full brightness instantly. In cases of emergencies or power outages, this is an important factor as it helps restore full visibility in as little time as possible.

Less Maintenance

Since LEDs have a longer lifespan and consume less electricity, this helps you cut cost and save on maintenance. You won’t need to change your bulbs or lamps as often as you would with conventional light bulbs. In turn, this reduces the risk of falls from lifts or ladders and electrocution.

As you can see, LEDs offer multiple features that tie to workplace safety. If you’re thinking of a lighting retrofit, talk to a lighting professional to install the best commercial LED lighting solutions for the job.

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