LED lights have become the most popular lighting solution for commercial applications. An increasing number of businesses are switching over to these modern lights because of their applications, flexibility, longevity, and efficiency. Today, shops, restaurants, theaters, hotels, and commercial buildings are equipping their interior and exterior spaces with LEDs due to these benefits:

  1. Better light quality than classic light bulbs
  2. The longest lifespan among other light solutions in the market
  3. Low power consumption
  4. Outstanding color rendering.
  5. A vast selection of colors and color temperatures.
  6. Little to no heat production and UV/IR output
  7. Zero presence of toxic substances, making disposal easy
  8. Instant-on and flicker-free start
  9. Dimmability and compatibility with third-party dimmers
  10. Resistance to vibration and fluctuations in temperature

Cheaper and Better Sections

Although LEDs used to be more expensive than traditional options like incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, increased demand for LEDs has led to a massive reduction of prices, making LEDs a more practical solution for both residential and commercial spaces.

Today, LEDs now come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, allowing them to be used in virtually any setting indoors and outdoors.

Modern Features

More recently, lighting manufacturers have developed “smart” LED light bulbs that leverage the Internet of Things (IoT). These light bulbs are equipped with wireless network connectivity, dimming features, and even the ability to change colors.

For businesses in Scottsdale, smart LEDs offer the convenience of light scheduling. Similar to how you can use your thermostat to set schedules for the heat to come on and off at certain times of the day, you can use an app on your mobile device to set schedules for your LED lights to automatically switch on and off, change colors, and dim or brighten at specified times of the day.

That means you can say goodbye to forgetting to switch off your lights before closing shop.

Commercial Applications

LEDs in commercial spaces are often used for floodlights, light strips, troffer replacements, track lights, downlights, general task lighting, accent and decorative lighting, high bays, streetlights, and other outdoor lighting to name a few.

In sports lighting, for example, LEDs are used as an energy-efficient alternative high-pressure sodium lamps for flood lighting. Likewise, outdoor lighting systems that use LEDs make parking spaces and walkways look better and brighter. This, in turn, makes them safer for people.

Even workplaces can reap the rewards of LED lighting. Studies show that great lighting is tied to better mood and increased productivity.

Bottom line? LEDs have become a staple in the commercial lighting industry. And as more businesses become more conscious about sustainable business practices and reducing their carbon footprint, lighting has emerged as a quick and easy way to be more environment friendly.

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