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For business owners around the world, no single design component has received as much scrutiny in recent years as lighting. And for good reason too: Studies have linked lighting quality to everything from employee satisfaction to on-site accident rates.

But for furniture stores and other retail operations, there is more to just consider. Selling things like beds, housewares, and furniture requires some serious aesthetic consideration.

If a designer is not in your budget, or if you are simply more of the DIY type, here are some tips for lighting a furniture store with energy efficient LEDs.

Considerations: LED Lighting for Retail Stores

For retail stores, there are four primary considerations:

  1. Efficiency – Upgrading to LED light bulbs can cut down on monthly energy costs, which is a bottom-line benefit for any type of business.
  2. Safety – Employees and customers alike need enough visibility to avoid accidents and collisions
  3. Productivity – Certain employee areas like the retail counter and the back room might require different (usually brighter) lighting conditions.
  4. Aesthetics – LED lighting should be used to create the mood and atmosphere that you’re going for, while also making your products look as attractive as possible.

How to Choose Retail LED Lighting for Furniture Stores

The cornerstone of any commercial lighting plan is a thorough walkthrough of your facility. Make a note of all the windows and corners; These areas will require more and less light respectively.

Take a moment to consider which aspects of your facility you want your customer to notice, and which ones you’d prefer that they don’t see. For furniture stores, this means a good variety of downward lighting to accent products and “hide” the ceiling and fixtures.

LED strip lighting can be a functional addition to a furniture store, creating illuminated pathways and “guiding” your customers to the items or displays you want them to see. Because LED strip lighting is easy to both install and uninstall, this adds a high level of customization to your retail lighting plan.

Pay Attention to Color Temperature

The color temperature of LED lighting can be used to create mood and atmosphere. For example, you can create a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere with warm-white and ultra-warm white LED lights. This will make your furniture look cozier, inviting your customers to imagine it in their own home or apartment.

On the other hand, bright, natural-white lights can be used to create a sense of value and selection. Take stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, for example, or other big-box home stores. These retailers use really bright lighting to accentuate their big selection, as well and provide ample light for reading product descriptions and making it easier to shop.

Use LED Accent Lights to Drive Your Profit-Leaders

You can use special LED lighting displays to drive customers to the product or promotion that is most valuable for you. For example, new arrivals, sale items, and high-margin products can be equipped with additional lighting.

This is another way to use LED strip lighting to guide your customers to the item of your choice. You can also modify the lighting on surrounding items to make it stand out more. It’s all about catching the customer’s eye and directing it to the sale you’re looking for.

Use a Professional LED Installation Expert

For both new LED lighting systems and commercial LED retrofits, it’s always best to work with a reputable professional. Lighting systems that are poorly designed or improperly installed can lead to big drops in efficiency and product lifespan.

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