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For new and expanding business in Scottsdale, choosing a commercial lighting system is much more than a capital expense. It’s a valuable investment in your company’s bottom line, and in a lot more ways than you might think.

Today’s matchup: We’re pitting clean, energy-efficient LED lights against traditional, light-leaking halogens. (Tip: We’re putting our money on the LEDs.)

What’s the Difference Between Halogen and LED Lighting Systems?

Here’s the problem with traditional halogen bulbs: They are wildly inefficient when it comes to actual light output. That’s because most of the energy put out by halogen bulbs isn’t light as all, it’s heat. This heat waste not only drives up the electric bill, but also can pose a threat to HVAC systems.

LED bulbs, on the other hand, run with virtually no heat output. Instead, all the energy output is in the form of bright, natural-spectrum light.

Are LED Lights Cheaper Than Halogen for New Companies?

While the cost of LEDs can vary wildly depending on the quality of the bulb, they are generally more expensive than halogens. But this is starting to change: As LED manufacturers get bigger and more advanced, the prices go down and down, making the price pretty comparable.

But consider this: It’s the long-term energy savings of LED that make them the better investment, not the up-front cost.

For an even more affordable LED upgrade, many savvy Scottsdale-area companies are pursuing local utility rebate programs and financing offers, greatly reducing the capital requirement.

Which One Lasts Longer: LED or Halogen?

This one is an uncontested knockout: Commercial and industrial LEDs last up to 40 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs. While the actual longevity varies by manufacturer and system specs, in general, you are going to be buying a lot less light bulbs.

LED ROI: How Long Does It Take to Recoup the Cost of an LED Upgrade?

Calculating the payback period for a commercial LED system depends on a couple of things, including:

  • Total project cost (Including materials, installation, and waste disposal)
  • Energy efficiency savings (Calculated per-light, per-year)
  • HVAC efficiency increases (Per-light, per-year)
  • Maintenance savings (Per-year, including replacement bulbs)

When you have all of this information, it’s possible to calculate your payback period by dividing the total project cost by the total annual savings. The resulting number is the number of years that it will take to recoup the cost of your LED system.

Choosing the Right Scottsdale-Area Commercial LED Experts

Upgrading your commercial or industrial facility to an LED lighting system can be intimidating for small or growing companies. After all, the easiest thing to do is always to stick with the lighting that you have. But when you combine the energy savings, HVAC benefits, and maintenance reduction of commercial LEDs, the bottom-line benefit is pretty substantial.

Sorry, halogens. This match goes to LEDs.

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