Scottsdale led lighting trends

With the new year getting into full swing, it’s time to take a look at some of the hottest trends in commercial and industrial LED lighting. Some of this year’s picks are brand new, a reflection of the significant amount of office buildings and warehouses that are switching to LED.

The rest of these trends have been around for a while, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere soon. We’re talking about Circadian LED lighting at the workplace, Refined retro fixtures in retail areas, and the unexpected return of mid-century art deco lighting style.

Commercial and industrial building owners in Scottsdale, these are the trends you should be paying attention to:

1. Retro and Industrial LED Fixtures Will Continue to Be Popular

Commercial spaces like shops, storefronts, and restaurants have been into the whole “retro” and “industrial” look for several years now, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change. We’ll continue to see old-school LED Edison bulbs simplistic, tube-based fixtures.

Warehouse-style LED lighting is becoming more popular in traditional commercial settings. But the new design plans are getting sleeker, and a bit more refined. Look for new LED fixtures to incorporate finer details, sleeker metals, and new variations in tone and design.

2. Mid-Century Styles and Art Deco Inspirations

Restaurants and retail shops in particular will want to pay attention to this one. The re-emergence of art deco style in interior lighting design isn’t necessarily a surprise, but it is quite welcome. New high efficiency LED lighting fixtures are coming out that look like they’re straight out of the 50s.

LED chandeliers are becoming more and more popular for retail displays and dining areas. Many of these ceiling lights come with accents of dark mahogany or sleek metallic black … just what you need to make your LED fixture a real part of your interior design strategy.

3. New Commercial LED Fixtures

Industry experts are already predicting a big bounce-back in the LED lighting industry, fueled by new loans and financing programs being released by the federal government. This means that more LED retrofit projects are going to get started, and a lot more LEDs are going to be going out the door.

But don’t expect the price to go up by the same amount; LED light bulbs are predicted to continue to drop in price. Meanwhile, they’ll be maintaining, if not improving their overall efficiency.

4. Circadian LED Lighting Systems

The last decade has seen a lot of new research on the concept of circadian lighting, and for good reason. According to multiple studies, circadian LED lighting systems lead to a surprising level of health benefit. Specifically, circadian lighting leads to improved sleep patterns, more well-rested employees, reduced workplace accidents, and even increased productivity.

5. LED Strip Retrofitting

One of the best things about converting to LED lighting is that you don’t need to replace the whole system. With an LED strip retrofit, you can keep your current drop lighting in place. Simply remove the existing bulbs and slap in a magnetic LED strip.

Your new lighting setup won’t only be more efficient, it will be more versatile, flexible, and stylish … three concepts that are big with commercial LED lighting in 2021.

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