LED Lighting

Energy is a large component of property management and building operational costs. Lighting represents between 40% and 50% of energy costs.

Replacing outdated lighting systems with more efficient, environmentally-friendly LED lighting solutions can make a significant impact on the bottom line by reducing energy consumption and maintenance requirements. Well-lit buildings enhance safety and security for employees, tenants and customers.

Building owners and property and facility managers need to do everything they can to improve the bottom line. Even small gains in efficiency can lead to significant savings. Energy Efficiency Pros provides exterior building wall pack lighting that offers immediate benefits and fast paybacks:

  • Extremely long life: Up to 50,000 or even 100,000 hours of operation
  • Quality: High quality, brighter light increases aesthetic appeal of your building
  • Savings: Add sensors and controls to maximize energy savings
  • Safety: Well-lit exteriors are safer and minimize hazards
  • Profitability: Control building operational costs and overhead
  • Sustainability: Reduce your building’s carbon footprint, environmental impact and waste
  • Durable: Maintenance-free operation eliminates labor required to service lights
  • Incentives: Maximize local utility company rebates and EPAct tax incentives

Better lighting is a valuable tool for brightening your building’s prospects. New, efficient LED lighting offers immediate ways to improve lighting output while reducing maintenance costs and cutting energy use.

To help you access your potential savings, Energy Efficiency Pros will conduct a free, on-site, no obligation Energy Audit to help you maximize your profits. By reducing energy loads and waste, an LED Lighting retrofit from Energy Efficiency Pros can save you money on energy and maintenance, and create a safer, more attractive building.

LED Lighting
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ECO Insight LED Lighting Alledra LED Lighting Neptun LED Lighting Natura LED Lighting Light Pole LED Lighting Westgate LED Lighting Yaham LED Lighting Earth LED Lighting iglo LED Lighting DAB LED Lighting Energy Bank LED Lighting Energetic LED Lighting Falkor LED Lighting Alset LED Lighting Halco LED Lighting Acuity LED Lighting ATG LED Lighting Ikio LED Lighting Retrolux LED Lighting
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