Canopy LED Lighting Scottsdale

Gas station operators are under constant pressure to lower operating costs.

Lighting typically represents 40% of a commercial building’s electricity bill, even more in gas stations. Now imagine cutting that expense by half. We can help you make that happen!

Energy Efficiency Pros on-site LED lighting retrofits can substantially reduce lighting energy costs, help improve convenience store sales and fuel added profits. Our advanced technologically, cost-effective LED canopy lighting solutions are designed to attract and welcome drivers and contribute to the smooth, safe operation of your business.

Our solutions let you achieve the right mix of energy cost savings for canopy lighting that fosters an increased sense of safety, comfort and visual impact:

Your gas station could be operating with lower energy costs and better lighting. With the fast payback of a turnkey retrofit LED lighting solution from Energy Efficiency Pros, you have all you need to drive up energy savings and brand appeal.

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LED Lighting Brands We Work With
ECO Insight LED Lighting Alledra LED Lighting Neptun LED Lighting Natura LED Lighting Light Pole LED Lighting Westgate LED Lighting Yaham LED Lighting Earth LED Lighting iglo LED Lighting DAB LED Lighting Energy Bank LED Lighting Energetic LED Lighting Falkor LED Lighting Alset LED Lighting Halco LED Lighting Acuity LED Lighting ATG LED Lighting Ikio LED Lighting Retrolux LED Lighting
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